Local endogenous development
and urban regeneration of small alpine towns




  • AlpCity Lead Partner
    Regional Budget Planning and Statistics
    v. Lagrange 24 - 10123 Torino (Italy)
    tel. +39 011 432 4662/5915
  • Osservatorio Città Sostenibili
    DITER - Politecnico e Università di Torino
    v. Mattioli 39 - 10125 Torino (Italy)
    tel. +39 011 564 7489

RUO Network

AlpCityRUO is a transnational network which oversees the Regions participating in the AlpCity project. Each region has put together its own working party responsible for managing and developing the AlpCityRUO network.

The network is coordinated by the working party of the Piedmont Region, which heads the AlpCity Project, managing the central AlpCity website and responsible for its related functions.

Each Region promotes the circulation of the Common Strategy within its own network of local bodies. To this end, each Region has activated its own Local Urban Observatory (LUO), in accordance with the UNCHS regulations. In the absence of regional governments, their roles are carried out by other local bodies.

The AlpCityRUO network has a board of directors made up of the heads of the regional working parties and coordinated by the network manager from the Piedmont Region.

AlpCityRUO works side-by-side with a scientific committee made up of experts selected by the Regions.