Local endogenous development
and urban regeneration of small alpine towns




  • AlpCity Lead Partner
    Regional Budget Planning and Statistics
    v. Lagrange 24 - 10123 Torino (Italy)
    tel. +39 011 432 4662/5915
  • Osservatorio Città Sostenibili
    DITER - Politecnico e Università di Torino
    v. Mattioli 39 - 10125 Torino (Italy)
    tel. +39 011 564 7489

Common Strategy:

AlpCityRUO employs two kinds of indicator

  • indicators to evaluate the level of sustainability of alpine urban fabric;
  • indicators to evaluate the services carried out within the framework of the Common Strategy (costs / effectiveness).

The first type of indicator is based in a good measure upon the core set indicators put forward by UN-HABITAT as part of the Global Urban Observatory scheme.

AlpCityRUO has not adopted those indicators which are more specifically tailored to issues typical to developing countries. We have, however, taken up those indicators which are of more specific interest for small towns in Alpine areas, making reference at the same time to the Alpine Convention.

The second type is specific to AlpCityRUO's Common Strategy, since these indicators must be sensitive to the changes brought about by single activities, so as to be able to evaluate their effectiveness.

Download the AlpCity guideline:

  1. AlpCity Common Strategy. Structure, Assessment and Indicators