Local endogenous development
and urban regeneration of small alpine towns




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Common Strategy

The Common Strategy for the sustainable development of small towns in the Alps is a complex policy in a state of constant development, in accordance with the Alpine Convention, which has been established by means of a close interdependence between practical experience and scientific research and through the cooperation of all the component bodies of the AlpCityRUO network.

The Common Strategy was established through the following operative stages:

  • definition of the problem;
  • identification of the Best Practice for its solution;
  • transfer of the Best Practice to other local fields.

The Best Practices are collected in AlpCityRUO's Best Practices Database.

However, the Common Strategy is not just a list of problems and relative Best Practices for solving them efficiently. It is also based on the circulation of theoretical knowledge, methodologies and general techniques which constitute the cultural background necessary for inventing and realising Best Practices. The Common Strategy also takes into account possible activities which will not be put into practice immediately, but which would be necessary to effectively solve problems of sustainability in the future.

This general awareness of the field and of the Best Practices relative to individual problems is constantly being updated, and is laid out and brought up to date in the various reports on the Common Strategy by AlpCityRUO. Common Strategy is divided up into thematic areas.

Download the AlpCity guideline:

  1. AlpCity Common Strategy. Structure, Assessment and Indicators