Local endogenous development
and urban regeneration of small alpine towns




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Urban environment


  • Recovery and redefinition of the historical centres of mountain boroughs;
  • New planning and redefinition of the most recently constructed areas: expansion of residential areas (for first and second homes), access to small rural towns and to their main entrance and exit routes, streets, commercial, manufacturing and industrial areas;
  • New planning and redefinition of culturally important buildings and public areas, in order to promote fully integrated local development (combining environmental, social, economic and cultural considerations) and a strong identification between the local community and the area.

Fields of action

c.1. Recovery of abandoned structures.
c.2. Renewed vision of environmental problems.
c.3. Re-evaluation of cultural and historical heritage.
c.4. Development of a more sustainable mobility.
c.5. Developing skills in dealing with environmental issues.


c.1.1. Regione Piemonte: The renewal of abandoned mountain villages/hamlets.
c.1.2. Regione Veneto: Renovation and optimum use of abandoned rural buildings once used for production purposes.
c.1.3. Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia: Guidelines for the recovery of abandoned areas in the neighbourhood of the borders with Austria and Slovenia.
c.2.1. Regione Piemonte: To live in mountain areas: Valle Maira and Valle Po, Province of Cuneo.
c.2.2.Franche-Comté Region: Enhancing the image of the longitudinal axis in the Jura mountains.
c.3.1. Franche-Comté Region : Enhancing the image of and promoting cultural historical sites for the reinforcement of the regional attractiveness.
c.4.1. Grainau: Improving local aspect such as better traffic routes/downtown's.
c.5.1. Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia: Guidelines for obtaining the environmental certification.